Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The JCIM is linking to Planet Blue Obelisk??

I use Google Analytics to analyze the visitors of my blogs and of Planet Blue Obelisk too. Now, for the past couple of weeks, the webpage of the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling is showing up as refering site:

What is going on here ?!?! This is really no fake, but cannot find an actual link when I visit the journal webpage either...


  1. Hi Egon,

    Interesting post. How sure are you that the referrals are real? Faking a referer is easy with utilities like curl.

  2. Mmm... maybe someone is faking things. I'll browse the Apache logs...

  3. When looking at the logs, it becomes even weirder. Nothing shows up, so I can only assume this is a glitch in the Google Analytics system :(

    What I did see in the log, was referrals pointing to Chemical Blogspace :) That must be the user script in action.