Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A new job: post-doc at the WUR on MS based structure elucidation

On July 1st I will start a post-doc in Wageningen, The Netherlands at the WUR. More precisely, with a post-doc in the group of Prof. Van Eeuwijk at Biometris, cooperating with the group of Prof. Hall at Plant Research International (PRI), within the framework of the new Netherlands Metabolomics Center. The topic will be structure elucidation using mass spectral data originating from the experimental department of PRI, and will be a nice follow up on the work on SENECA I have been doing last year in the group of Dr. Christoph Steinbeck at the CUBIC.


  1. That's awesome Egon. If you're going to be doing more MS work maybe you can connect up with one of my colleagues Kevin Owens who does MALDI. He is interested in pushing into Open Science in general and using open visualization tools like JSpecView. He started a wiki here.

  2. JC, one thing is needed in CASE, is open databases of MS data. Currently there really only is the NIST database, but we need open data to train our CASE tools. This is where your department can help too, assuming you work with MS too. Please publish MS spectra in addition to the NMR spectra.