Saturday, June 16, 2007

Payed summer jobs in chemoinformatics

Last year the sponsored one summer student to work on Bioclipse (see the announcement). The Programmeerzomer is much like the Google Summer of Code where I mentor Alexandr. However, it is much smaller and oriented at just the NL area: both the student and the mentor needs to be Dutch, but the opensource project does not.

Rob worked last year on a Ghemical plugin for Bioclipse (see this interview in Dutch). The architecture for doing calculations (the Compute plugin) is still being used within several other plugins. This year I got assigned two students: one for Bioclipse and one for Jmol.

I have no idea at this moment what ideas the students picked from the lists in the wikis (see the Jmol project idea and Bioclipse idea lists). There is a meeting scheduled in the 25th.

The ideas include:

If you have a suggestion, it would be much appreciated if you can add that to the wiki pages linked above. Make sure to leave a comment to this blog item too, announcing the new idea!

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