Sunday, July 08, 2007

That big pile of paper...

Everyone of use knows that big pile of paper on your desk that contains the things we want to read, scan or just browse. I even have an electronic equivalent. Another pile contains leaflets and glossy folders from conferences, like the ACS meeting in Chicago. OK, going to get rid of those last ones, and will shortly put the links here.

The first leaflet is from Chemistry Central, one of the open access publishers. Actually, not just open access as in free access, but open access as in freedom to reuse it. One things I noticed is this text: Our submission system also allows authors to upload figures and reactions schemes in ChemDraw or ISIS/Draw file formats. What about CMLReact and CML itself? Those are formats I can author with my Blue Obelisk tools.

Then there is the proprietary Sarchitect in the area of QSAR/QSPR/ADMET. No idea about the scope or whatever. Oh, make sure to check out QSAR world, where Andreas has a column too. I also have some information on the
RSC Virtual Library which provides free access to the RSC journals for RSC member. But I am not. Green Chemistry is nice for the environment, of course, but according to the EPA, it's about more: Cleaner, cheaper, smarter chemistry. Why, oh why, does this financial incentive have to be present all the time? Are we, humans, really that stupid?

I'm sure I had more advertorials, but these must have been the highlights.

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