Sunday, September 30, 2007

CompLife2007, Utrecht/NL; Taverna, EBI/Hinxton/UK

Two working days left before I'm off to two conferences. First, next Thursday/Friday, the two day CompLife2007 in Utrecht/NL, with sessions on genomics, systems biology, medical information and data analysis. And, on the second day tutorials on KNIME and CDK/Bioclipse. I will try to orient as much as possible around MS-based metabolomics, and metabolite identity in particular. Last year the conference was very interesting.

The Monday/Tuesday after that, I will present CDK-Taverna integration I worked on in 2005 (see e.g. Taverna on Classpath and CDK-Taverna fully recognized) at the Taverna meeting, before Thomas continued on that leading to the plugin website. If time permits, I will prepare an example workflow from metabolomics. Unlike previous times I went to Cambridgeshire, I won't fly in on Stansted, but take the EuroStar instead. I am very much looking forward to that. Unfortunately, I will not have time to visit Cambridge itself, this time :(

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