Thursday, September 20, 2007

SWT View with the new JChemPaint

The second Programmeerzomer and the second summer of code for me, will end tomorrow with a presentation of Niels on his new JChemPaint code. The summer is over before you know it. One of the goals was making the JChemPaint editor Swing independent and more easy to integrate with SWT widgets.

So, I hacked up the last bits of Bioclipse code. However, the CDK version in the net.bioclipse.cdk is still CDK 1.0, and Niels' requires CDK trunk/. So I copied in the cdk.jar and cdk-jchempaint.jar from trunk/ into the net.bioclipse.cdk.progz plugin, only to find out that that gives binary problems: the plugin would still depend on net.bioclipse.cdk.ui which depends on the CDK 1.0 plugin...

To get something going, I removed the dependency on CDKResource. So, the screenshot above is a bit artificial: it shows a static picture and the View does not react on ISelectionEvent's. But that is a Bioclipse/CDK issue, and not caused by Niels' code. Additionally, it does not handle mouse events or so. For that, I need to make it an SWT Editor first.

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