Friday, November 09, 2007

Using the Nintendo Wii for serious science...

On my desktop, the Scintilla and websites do not work. It is not a browser problem, but has something to do with TCP/IP packages not reaching its destination: the browser. Euan told me they are aware of the problem, but apparently have not found a solution yet.

However, my Wii does not have the problem, which makes me wonder if it is a disagreement between the Nature server and my Linux kernel... Anyway, this is what the two website look like (first Scintilla, then

(BTW, that was one very nice piece of work by Rich! Make sure to also read the follow up.)

The only real disadvantage is that it does not integrate well with the things I do daily. If I see some interesting post, and would like to tag it on my account, I have to google for it on my desktop :(

(You thought I was going to talk about F@H or so, didn't you? :)


  1. It is the Linux kernel, yes: TCP window scaling was switched on by default in kernels since about a year ago (and in Vista too, I think), and one of our routers or firewalls doesn't like it. We're trying to get them upgraded, but it takes a while...

  2. You want serious science with a Wii-mote?

    One undergrad was just hacking on Avogadro and started a branch for manipulation using a Wiimote. :-)

    Now that would be serious since on Nintendo.

  3. I saw the post before reading the tittle and my first though was .. why did he took an actual camera picture ... ah it's Wii.

  4. Alf: see my post of this morning: it contains the workaround! I can read Scintilla and again! Oh, and note the Dave Miller quote :) That router is pre-1999? Time for an upgrade indeed ;)

    Geoff: that's interesting... got a screenshot or webpage for that project? BTW, the Opera Wii browser doesn't do Java, so no Jmol :(