Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My FOAF network #4: Tabulating my publications

Richard informed me (via Planet RDF) about N3 support in Tabulator. N3 is a more compressed version of RDF/XML, which I have been using so far, but both are RDF. Now, I don't plan to use N3 for my FOAF experimenting, but two things caught my eye in the nice blog item.

First, it has a very useful tip on .htaccess which you can use to teach Apache about MIME types, even when you do not have root access. So, I added this .htaccess file to
AddType application/rdf+xml;charset=utf-8 .xrdf
Now, you can also access my FOAF file with the MIME type set to application/rdf+xml. And, my bibliography too. Now, the latter becomes interesting when you have Tabulator installed in your Firefox. Instead of applying the XSLT, Firefox will now show it like this:

And, in the under the hood mode it looks like:

Now, my FOAF file does not seem to work well. Not sure what goes wrong there, but given the fact that Tabulator seems to be able to recurse into referenced RDF files, I think it nicely complements what we already have.

Wow, it seems Web3.0/WebNG is really going to happen this year!

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