Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sugammadex: the molecular condom

Two things I like blogging: 1. the turn-over of information; 2. the informal nature. There are more. The turn-over is optimized by commonly: 1. short blog items; 2. easily allows scanning tons of headlines; 3. often full of links if you want to know the details.

Today, my eye was caught by Sugammadex Buzz for Organon over at Lamentations on Chemistry. The reason was Organon, which is just around the corner here. They had news about a new drug.

Getting to the second reason, I like the informal nature. Just to make sure I checked the press release, but it was really Gaussling that called Sugammadex a molecular condom. This is funny for (at least) two reasons. First, it points (intentionally?) to the birth control drugs of Organon; second, it is right on with how the drug works.

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