Tuesday, April 01, 2008

T minus 26 hours: defending open source chemoinformatics (and more)

In about 26 hours from now, I will be defending my PhD thesis. Follow that link to read the summary; I was thinking if publishing my introduction and discussion (the rest has been published in peer-reviewed journals) on Nature Precedings; would that be a good idea? Otherwise, I'll post it in my blog. If you just happen to want to attend the public defense, it's here:


  1. Best luck for your presentation. Believe me, you'll feel better after this :-)

    And, sorry Netherlands are too far for me.

  2. Good luck and try to have fun with it!

  3. Good luck, and I'll avoid posting to cdk-users to help you concentrate! :-)

  4. Hey Egon, I wish you best of luck for tomorrow! Looking forward to having a celebratory drink with you afterwards - so sleep well to be fresh in the morning and believe me, you will feel like a completely new person with the 'Dr' in front of your name :-)! Best wishes, Andreas