Monday, May 19, 2008

Development of the new JChemPaint

A quick screenshot, after some work on the JChemPaint code based on CDK trunk/. Nothing much to see, but a rather small code base, which is good. Today, I have set up cdk/cdk/trunk/ and cdk/jchempaint/trunk as Eclipse plugins, allowing the second to depend on the first. So, no more use of svn:externals. This is what it now looks like, and basically formalizes the end result of Niels' work of last year:

A possible spin of is that Bioclipse2 can use these plugins too, instead of defining plugins itself.

To reproduce the above screenshot, just import cdk/cdk/trunk and cdk/jchempaint/trunk into Eclipse, and run the TestEditor from the JChemPaint plugin.

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