Saturday, July 05, 2008

SVN commit hooks down for CDK and Bioclipse

SourceForge has been playing with system upgrades again, and in an attempt to debug the failing CIA commits on IRC, I reinstalled the hooks for CDK and Bioclipse, so that now all hooks seem to fail, including the email hook... Apparently, it is a known bug, e.g. see this bug report. I assume SF will fix this soon.

On the bright side, I also noted an updated webpage for SF uptime/problem tracker, where it is also reported that stats are currently down for upgrade. There also has an RSS feed, which I recommend as a good monitoring tool for SF site problems.


  1. Yeah, we had exactly the same problem with Open Babel. I noticed CIA notification wasn't working. So I tried to fix it -- but suddenly all SVN commits were blocked.

    There are plenty of SourceForge support requests from what I can tell. Now we'll find out if they fix it in a reasonable amount of time!