Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mapping Peoples Interest: Google Insight Search

Google has a new service: Google Insight Search, and I was wondering if it could tell me to use chemoinformatics or cheminformatics... No, it can't. In both there is a declining interest (only chemoinformatics shown):

More interesting is that the interest in chemoinformatics only comes from India:

This tool holds for both flavors too.


  1. Looks like Google Trends rebranded.

  2. But with more details, I think... not?

  3. Interesting extension of Google Trends.

    Regarding the high number of searches from India, it's not too surprising. There's a growing interest in both academia and commercial areas. Various institutes and lecture series are coming up withe cheminformatics courses (Andreas is there right now teaching one) and the a side effect is that the CDK gets a lot of hits form India