Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MetWare screenshot: propagating XML Schema data types

Just a quick screenshot. Remember our use of SKOS in MetWare? Steffen has been working on creating integrated JSF pages, while I am focusing on autogeneration of blobs. The below screenshot is such a blob, called a UI component in JSF, which allows easy embedding the the aggregations Steffen is working on.

Autogeneration of web content benefits greatly from well defined input, including data types. MetWare uses XML Schema Data Types for this, as mentioned ealier when I briefly mentioned generation of search pages. That example showed the creation of range input on xsd:integer types. The below screenshot shows the different output for xsd:string (input text box) and xsd:boolean:

Now, this example is not really shocking, but MetWare defines additional types, for example an InChI data type:
<simpleType name="inchi">
<restriction base="string">
<pattern value="InChI=1/.*"/>
This allows me to tweak the HTML output created by the JSF pages to include microformats to support the Sechemtic userscript (see also doi:10.1186/1471-2105-8-487).

Or, to provide a drop down box, listing the allowed values:
<simpleType name="deviceVendor">
<restriction base="string">
<enumeration value="BioCrates"/>
<enumeration value="Bruecker"/>

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