Monday, October 20, 2008

Bugzilla Eclipse IDE integration: Mylyn

A new environment means new tools. Bioclipse is Eclipse RCP-based, so colleagues work with Eclipse and are much more into Eclipse too. For example, into Mylyn. Mylyn is a tool to track tasks and assign context to them. The tasks I am interested in (for this blog item), is fixing bug reports. Mylyn is rather suited for this, as it allows linking Java source files to bug reports. With a growing list of projects in my navigator, browsing them becomes difficult because the list is way too long. Mylyn allows me to only show those source files which are actually related to the bug I am fixing. Cool!

However, SourceForge, our bug tracker, integrates, but to too limited functionality. Bugzilla, though, has excellent integration. And curious about what that would look like, I installed Bugzilla on an Ubuntu system. Which failed. Due to a bug know for two years already! Anyway, two tweaks to the system got it working!
  1. Work around the password in the postinstall script (see here)
  2. Set up a /bugs/ link (see here)
This is Bugzilla as viewed in Mylyn:

(The bug content is derived from Ubuntu bug #1.)

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