Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chemoinformatics p0wned by cheminformatics... #2

Some time ago Noel ran a poll on chemoinformatics and cheminformatics, so I set up a poll too in part #1 of this series. The outcome is clear:

The Obernai meeting strongly suggested chemoinformatics [1], but the start of the open access Journal of Cheminformatics is the killer. I can no longer resist: I'll follow the wish from my advisory board, and the general trend around the world (except India).

The journal's editor-in-chief is David Wild, while Christoph Steinbeck seems to be going to lead the European branch. People seem to like the idea. The journal will clearly be in direct competition for market share with the JCIM, QSAR & Combinatorial Science, and even the open access Chemistry Central Journal. Interesting to see where this is going...

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