Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Solubility Data in Bioclipse #1

I am working on converting Jean-Claude's Solubility data to RDF (after Pierre's model, see here, here, and here, here for first data exploration), so that I can integrate it with data from DBPedia, Freebase,, etc. Bioclipse will be the workbench in which this will be visualized, and just got graph depiction online using Zest. The screenshot does not show the RDF yet, but that will follow soon:

Next stops:
  1. create a Eclipse package for Jena
  2. read the Solubility data (does anyone know a Java library to read from Google Docs?)
  3. create a virtual database of Solubility compounds (possibly StructureDB-based)
  4. Use the CDK to autoextract chemical triples


  1. (Repost from FF: wow ! I don't think I might be of any help here Egon :-) . I will look carefully your sources to see how you've integrated this into CDK/eclipse )
    about java+google:

  2. Zest can be installed in Eclipse 3.4.x with this update site: