Thursday, December 04, 2008

Short variables and lack of comments...

... a source code reviewer nightmare. The must-read ran a nice open letter to a Linux kernel developer. I'd like to cite this bit about code review (see also Re: Open Source != peer review):
    [Andrew Morton] had a number of concrete requests - such as documenting the user-space ABI and the network protocol - which have not been satisfied. He also asked for better code documentation in general:
      So please. Go through all the code and make it tell a story. Ask yourself "how would I explain all this to a kernel developer who is sitting next to me". It's important, and it's an important skill.
This is important indeed! This is also why CDK quality assurance tends to complain about short variables. While an for-next index i is clear enough, ac for an IAtomContainer is quite useless, as it does not explain what the purpose of the container is. BTW, a longer name like atomContainer does not really help here. Maybe I will wrote a unit test for that...

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