Monday, March 30, 2009

StARlite talks in Uppsala; Helena's Open Chemogenomics thesis

John was in Uppsala last Friday, and our group had the pleasure of talking to/with him before he was opponent to Helena defending her thesis on Chemogenomics: Models of Protein-Ligand Interaction Space (ISBN:978-91-554-7430-0). Since we believe we can do tons of really interesting science on John's StARlite data, I was excited to talk to him in person. He gave three talks that day, and managed to keep the overlap minimal (yes, not quite an absolute measure, but you get the point). We showed him the efforts of Arvid, Carl, Jonathan and me on converting the StARlite data to RDF, on which I will write shortly.

BTW, Helena's thesis is partly Open (see Peter's “should theses be Open?”). Partly, because it has the thesis parts which have not been published in journals before. I find this an interesting intermediate solution. Of course, all the really interesting bits are missing (the peer-reviewed papers), but at least puts the wrapping material in the Open (introduction, discussion, conclusion). I think I will do the same with my thesis (unless someone funds my papers to become Open Choice).

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