Friday, June 26, 2009

Michel Dumontier at Uppsala University

Michel visits our group this week and gave a very exciting talk yesterday on the role of ontologies in drug discover. This being ongoing research in our group too, the talk was well received by the audience (which was not too large, because after mid-summer, Uppsala has holiday). First the first time, I microblogged a talk on my twitter account (using the #dumontieratuppsala tag). I have not got a XSLT ready to convert the relevant items into a nice HTML snippet for embedding in this blog, but will try to do that later. Meanwhile, I also made a few bookmarks here and there, which are available from Delicious.

The rest of the day, we talked about various ontology, bio- and cheminformatics related stuff. We looked at SADI, Bioclipse (and my RDF extension, see these JavaScripts), Bio2RDF,, and Virtuoso.


  1. Wilma, please explain this link... I don't see it... got a nasty spammy taste from your comment...

  2. @Egon - I got the same spam a few months back at my blog.