Friday, July 17, 2009

ELN vendor: "The Open Source stuff just works better"

Simon Coles is CTO of Amphora Research Systems (a company I do not know) and in the business of Electronic Lab Notebooks. I know nothing about their products but would like to propagate the statements he just made on Open Source in reply to a question on LinkedIn (btw, my LinkedIn account):
We use a lot of Open Source components in our products, and I know we’re not alone.
He also gives why they do so, quoting from the full arguments in his blog:
  • The Open Source stuff just works better
  • Support is better
  • Licensing issues go away
  • It is dramatically cheaper for our customers to deploy
  • We have much more latitude in deployment options
I am not sure if this involves open source cheminformatics, but asked about that... the whole article is worth reading.

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  1. I've responded to Egon's questions about Cheminformatics and the Open Source components we use in a comment to my original post