Monday, July 20, 2009

Updating my bioclipse.qsar fork with Ola's main branch

GitHub makes forking cheap, and I have a fork of the bioclipse.qsar repository (see Bioclipse moving to GitHub: CIA hooks enabled), so that I can easily share my patches with Ola for review. Ola can review them and apply them back into his main version.

I was wondering how I could bring my fork synchronized with Ola's version again, and found the answer in this guide on GitHub. It turns out all I have to do is, though this is locally:
$ git remote add olas git://
$ git pull olas master
This gets me into the following state:

This gitk output show that my local master branch is identical to Ola's master branch on GitHub, while both are three commits ahead of my current master branch at GitHub.

Right after this, I updated my fork at GitHub with a simple git push, resulting in this gitk output:

1 comment:

  1. Very nice indeed. I only slowly start to understand the power of GIT. We should try to use it for authoring our next joint LaTeX-based paper.
    Cheers, Chris