Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reminder: my talk in Frankfurt on Monday; Want to meet up?

Quick and short reminder about my Open Knowledge: Reproducibility in Cheminformatics with Open Data, Open Source and Open Standards talk on Monday. The session is great anyway, with other talks from Cameron, John and someone from Berlin on a Open Access HTS system (which reminds me to talk about the Open Access and that the term is tainted).

I still have a free program, other than I want to see Google Wave in action (and while I have receive my invitation, I have not received a login account yet). There is a potentially interesting talk about Second Generation Small Molecule Therapeutics by 15:00. But no plans otherwise for the afternoon and/or evening.

If you like to talk about CDK, Bioclipse and/or the Blue Obelisk movement. Or about my talk on Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source (ODOSOS) in chemoinformatics.

If you happen to be around the Frankfurt Westend campus. In building 4, I think, the Hörsaalzentrum, where the conference is. Please let me know if you like to meet up. I hope to be online :), but no promise on that... should work at a Uni location, not? Let's see... This is how to ping me, and don't worry about redundancy.

Email: egon.willighagen at gmail dot com
IRC: #cdk at
Twitter: egonwillighagen
Identica: chemblaics
Blog: just leave a reply to this message

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