Friday, September 18, 2009

JChemPaint update: merging of patches and CDK statistics

With the JChemPaint workshop just passed, there is much work from UU and the EBI to be integrated. Moreover, Rajarshi just merged a lot of fixes from CDK 1.2.x into the master branch, which will be a big rebase too. That said, I need to do this to recalculate source code statistics for the CDK.

The current set of JChemPaint patches looks like:

The two top most branches (bioclipse-2.1.x and 12-ebiStage) are actually staging branches: patches that have not yet been integrated into the JChemPaint-Primary branch. Likewise, the 0-other branch is a staging branch for patches that are in or up for the review process for CDK master itself.

This will mean that I am now going to rebase all these branches once more.

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