Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Updated Bioclipse SDK: the Eclipse 3.5 version

Last Friday, the Bioclipse 2.1 development series moved to Eclipse 3.5, so I had to update the Bioclipse SDK too, which we developed earlier.

With a new Eclipse version also comes new screenshots to talk you through the process of setting up a new Bioclipse manager plugin.

Step 1
Right click in your workspace navigator, and choose New -> Project:

Step 2
And select to create a new Plug-in Project:

Step 3
Give a project name, such as net.bioclipse.xml:

Step 4
Tune the ID, Version, Name, and Provider to your liking:

Step 5
Then select Bioclipse Manager:

Step 6
The next wizard page is specific the the Bioclipse manager, and asks a manager namespace, which will be used as prefix in the JavaScript Console. For example, if I make the namespace xml, then I will type xml.someMethod() inside the JavaScript. The default manager name is typically OK by default:

Then click Finish and let Eclipse set up the new project.

Step 7
Because I have not figured out yet how to add Import-Package to the MANIFEST.MF programmatically, you will have to do this manually. Add the last line of the next screenshot to the MANIFEST.MF of your new plugin:

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