Saturday, November 07, 2009

Call for Collaboration: JavaDoc validation with OpenJavaDocCheck

I reported recently about my efforts to write an Open Source DocCheck replacement. I received the first patches (from Rajarshi), and brought it online in a CDK branch (see this Nightly page).

This list shows a mix of tests that are now implemented in OpenJavaDocCheck itself, but the third line is actually a test that is plugged in and specific for the CDK. This is an important feature, I think, and allows users of OpenJavaDocCheck to add functionality is that is not interesting to the general public, but very interesting for the JavaDoc being analyzed. Well, at least, it is to our CDK project :)

The current list of tests is still quite small, and consists of these tests:
  • test if each class and method has JavaDoc
  • test for missing @return tags
  • test for missing @param tags
  • test for @returns instead of @return
  • test @param template code, such as added by IDEs like Eclipse
  • test @exception template code, such as added by IDEs like Eclipse
  • test for redundant @version tags
I am now seeking feedback on the current code base, and potentially collaboration with writing more JavaDoc validation tests. There is enough to do, and I have been thinking on tests for:
  • spell checking JavaDoc
  • checking for 404s of web pages linked with <a href> in the JavaDoc
  • well-formedness of the HTML in the webpages
And about:
  • a PMD-like system to allow people to choose which testing they want or not
  • an Eclipse plugin

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