Thursday, November 19, 2009

Open Notebook Science Solubility: the SPARQL end point

The Open Notebook Science Solubility challenge is an project crowd sourcing solubility of organic compounds in non-aqueous solvents. I have been working on RDF-ing this data: And this resulted in a joint chapter in the nice Beatiful Data book.

What I had not done so far, is set up a SPARQL end point for this data, like I did for the NMRShiftDB data.

Now, however, a Virtuoso-powered SPARQL end point is available, and I hope this will seen get picked up by the other nodes on the ONS Solubility project. It is not a auto-synchronized link, though.

Possible advantages include that the client can perform any query and get these results in various formats, including JSON. For example, follow this link to get all solutes in JSON format.

The matching SPARQL looks like:
prefix dc: <>
prefix ons: <>

select distinct ?s ?title where {
  ?s a ons:Solute ;
     dc:title ?title .

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