Thursday, January 28, 2010

Semantic Web features in Bioclipse 2.2

Ola is releasing Bioclipse 2.2.0 today, and asked me to show case the semantic web functionality in Bioclipse. I realized that I do not have a nice page showing the semantic web overview. But I did blog a lot about RDF functionality, so here's a list of pointers:
Or check this screenshot from a Posterous post about a MyExperiment workflow:

One thing I have not blogged about yet (I think), is that the Bioclipse RDF manager also understands RDFa now. Well, sort of... it relies on a webservice, but this is what the script looks like:
model = rdf.createStore()
rdf.importRDFa(model, "")
rdf.saveRDFN3(model, "/Virtual/egonw.n3")
With support of SPARQL end points, and reading RDF from web resources directly (RDF/XML, N3, RDFa), Bioclipse is ready for the chemical semantic web.


  1. Egon, very iteresting stuff. I'm curious, have you thought about doing a screencast that shows this feature (or other Bioclipse features) in action?

    I'm thinking that most folks new to Bioclipse (myself included) might appreciate something that shows in four minutes why they need this feature.

    If you do, I highly recommend a voiceover. Text narrated screencasts are almost worse than no screencast at all, IMO. Just an idea.

  2. Actually, +1 for text narration if you're in a shared office.

  3. Rich, yes, screencasts are on my todo list... but grant writing takes priority, and much of my time. I'll bring it up in the Uppsala team...