Sunday, February 07, 2010

Average time on Site: chem-bla-ics

Cameron freeded(?) on the Spanish and Dutch sticking around longest on his site. I've never used Google Analytics for that, but it's good time spent on procrastination: it makes nice graphics:

For what it's worth, the two visitors from Cuba spend most time on my site :) More seriously, the information on the site does not include any error bars, such as the standard deviation:

Most of use know that 4:24 for two visitors is not necessarily significantly different from 2:43 for one hundred visitors (actual numbers). Standard deviation information would have helped significantly here (pun intended :).


  1. Interesting. I visit your blog frequently. But as you may know, is blocked by the Great Fire Wall(knowm as GFW). So even if I am visiting your blog from China, my SSL proxy connection in the US will make me a US visitor.

  2. Ah, interesting! And a bit sad. I'm sure it might be obvious that my fetish for Open is not particularly in line with a lot of Chinese governmental decisions, but I doubt my blog is really a direct attack at Chinese internal politics.

    That said, I had not noticed yet that China was all white on the map :(

    BTW, the map colored by number of visits is not particularly useful either. USA is always the darkest green, and even after your notice about proxies, it is really the number of hits per capita that is really interesting. 100 hits from Sweden shows a much higher impact than 100 from the USA; let alone, 100 from India or China (if the latter would have shown up).

  3. Also I am guessing all of us reading your blog through Google Reader is going to screw up your statistics...