Sunday, February 07, 2010

RDF, Jena, Bioclipse, Eclipse, Zest: Mashups

Quite a while a go, I blogged about Zest in Bioclipse showing a bit of ONS Solubility data. I could not follow up on that until now, as I had yet to do a lot of RDF work in Bioclipse, so the screenshot back then was kind of a mockup.

Things are different now, and the Bioclipse-RDF functionality (using Jena) is released in Bioclipse 2.2 (see Semantic Web features in Bioclipse 2.2), and I got around to writing the graphical goodies for the following papers. Not submitted yet, but here's the screenshot showing a N3 file opened with a Zest-powered editor (read-only) and a plain text editor:

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