Thursday, April 22, 2010

ACS Liveblogging 1st Disclosures of Drug Candidates

Carmen liveblogged via her twitter account the disclosures of drug candidates at the past ACS meeting, and later aggregated the tweets in her blog. While many of her tweets made it into the FriendFeed room, the structure she drew up and shared did not make it. And until just know, I was not aware the had tweeted those too. The first twitpic she pushed was:

Lead on Twitpic

and I hope they will all end up in ChemPedia. I've done the above (6-2018-7215-8416):

Each structure I have transcribed, I will tweet with the tags #acs_sf and #chempedia, like in:

@carmendrahl -> #chempedia #acs_sf

Oh, and if you happen to know the drug candidates name (or company code), please do deposit it in ChemPedia!

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