Friday, May 21, 2010

CKAN 1.0: A major contribution to Open Knowledge

Peter informed about the CKAN 1.0 release. I browsed the 27 chemistry packages, and saw for example BODR show up:

The database of packages is community based, and you can simply log in with an OpenID. This allows me to updated some outdated and add missing information.

As mentioned, the list contains 27 packages, out of a total of almost 1000. So, not so much chemistry there yet, but that's something we are getting used to. Worse even, is that of these 27, only a small subset is Open. These are identified, I think, by the blue bar on the left of the packages in the above screenshot. Even then, many of these are labeled public domain, which we know is not very practicaly. This is why the CC0 waiver exists.

But it at least allows us to create overviews of the available downloadable data. The system is very easy to use. Well done!

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