Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazon, the Kindle edition is more expensive than the paperback??

I am writing some more educational material on cheminformatics, and wanted to link to some of the handbooks already around. I need the book details in BibTex format, so CiteULike is my primary tool to create such content. One of those books is the book An Introduction to Chemoinformatics by Leach and Gillet. I looked up the ISBN number on Amazon, and then I noted something weird:

So, the electronic copy is actually more expensive than the paperback?! Is this an artifact or a pattern? No way you can get the investment for the Kindle itself back then... :(

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  1. i actually have one and it's quite nice. It depends what you read and how much. In my case I would break even in less than 4 month. So it works for me.