Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#ACS_Boston #acsrdf2010 ? It's all about Open Standards!

Less than a week left before the three ACS RDF 2010 sessions! I am both nervous and excited! We really got a great team of speakers together. As a final call for people still not sure if they want to attend, I sent out a few emails. On Monday, we are competing with the big JCIM 50th anniversary, but really, that it's 50 years of old cheminformatics, where our session is about the next 50 year. Your call ;) I was told the meetings are in two rooms along side, so you should be able to see a bit of both.

Besides the really interesting list of chemical domains covered in these talks (see below), this meeting, though I have not advertised it as such, is really about Open Standards in cheminformatics. This is what I just wrote to the Blue Obelisk mailing list (:
    Dear ACS-Boston 2010 participants,
    with this email I would like to ask your
    attention to the three Semantic Web
    sessions on Sunday morning, and Monday
    morning and afternoon. During these
    sessions 15 presentations will be given
    on how the Resource Description Framework
    is changing cheminformatics.
    It is of special interest to the Blue
    Obelisk community that the family of RDF
    technologies (RDF, OWL, SPARQL) are all
    successful Open Standards, building on
    older and other Open Standards like HTTP,
    URI, XML (or JSON or Notation3 or
    Turtle), etc.
    Moreover, these technologies are not
    restricted to one particular domain, such
    as MDL/Symyx molfile, CML(XXX) are, as
    this part is covered by the Web Ontology
    Language (OWL)... each ontology in itself
    can be (and should ofcourse) be an Open
    In three sessions links to computational
    chemistry, knowledge management, and
    general applications are demonstrated,
    with wide variety of chemical disciplines
    as context, including toxicology,
    chemometrics, eScience, databases, wet
    lab experimentation, lipidomics, text
    mining, drug discovery and health care,
    gene-disease-pathway modeling, and
    chemical patents.
    All people interested in Open
    Cheminformatics should have a special
    interest in these three sessions, and I
    am very much looking forward to seeing
    you all next Sunday and/or Monday!
    The full program can be found at:
    (please retweet and share with friends
    with kind regards,
    Egon Willighagen

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