Monday, August 30, 2010

Added a Simile Timeline to my homepage

I finally got around to updating my homepage. Not entirely done yet, but it was overdue. The changelog includes a removal of the sidebar, which did not look nice when the page was embedded in my blog (the Home tab), foaf:interest RDFa annotation, a ToC line just below the header, and a Simile Timeline widget with my research positions and a selection of peer-reviewed papers:


  1. Nice work! How do you like Simile so far?

  2. It's nice graphics, but I still need to make the underlying data available as RDFa and then have the timeline data read as JSON extracted from the RDFa... Perhaps Simile can do that for me?

  3. Oh, and I have the idea from your page... (Assuming you're the same Orion :)