Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CDK 1.2 to 1.4 API changes #1: creating objects with an IChemObjectBuilder

Later this year (planned) a new stable branch of the CDK library will be released. Time to look at some API changes, to ease migration. In this first post of the series, I will show how the IChemObjectBuilder functionality has changed.

CDK 1.2 code
IChemObjectBuilder builder =
IMolecule molecule = builder.newMolecule();
CDK 1.4 code
IChemObjectBuilder builder =
IMolecule molecule = builder.newInstance(
  builder.newInstance(IAtom.class, "C")

Now, please note that the builder.newInstance() method may actually return null. This is not the case for the DefaultChemObjectBuilder, or the NoNotifiationChemObjectBuilder, but future releases may have dedicated builders that do have such functionality. However, these builder would not supposed to be used for building molecules anyway.

The general patterns of newInstance() calls is that the first argument is the interface for which you want an instance. All further parameters are passed as parameters for the object's constructor. The builder maps the input to appropriate class constructors. To know what parameters you can pass when instantiating an IAtom with the DefaultChemObjectBuilder, you would look at the constructor of Atom. Therefore, we can also call:
IAtom atom = builder.newInstance(
  IAtom.class, "C", new Point2d(0,0)

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