Saturday, October 09, 2010

Mapping BioStar users onto the world map

Neil is my new bioinformatics hero! (Sorry Pierre :)

BioStar is a Q&A website for bioinformatics, just like the Blue Obelisk eXchange. Neil and Pierre have an ongoing struggle to gain the most karma, requiring Pierre to put in a formal complaint against people posting questions when he is asleep (the whole 3 hours). So, I coined to idea of mapping all BioStar users on a Google Map. Neil picked it up, and had combined his coding skills with the various Open API, Open Standards, and Open Source solution, to come up only hours later with this map. Here are the BioStar users from my region:

Now, who will be my new cheminformatics hero, and make a map for the Blue Obelisk eXchange? ;)

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