Wednesday, November 03, 2010

TTT it is

The fact that Piet Hein said it, gives it an extra (fourth) dimension. Things Take Time.

But, as Peter indicated, we are getting there in cheminformatics. We see the commercial entities experimenting and contributing to Open Source cheminformatics and the Blue Obelisk has reached critical mass a few years ago. Next year is the year of Open Source cheminformatics on the desktop ;)

We are not their yet, and Piet Hein makes a truely wise choice here. My association with Piet Hein is Piet Hein the Dutch sailor, not Piet Hein the Danish scientist and author who gave us the quote. Semantic chemistry is one of those areas where Open Source cheminformatics is doing really well.

Things do take time, but after more than 15 years of Open Source chemistry, it is time to harvest. Peter has a few crops in mind.

Meanwhile... finding a nice, permanent academic position educating students in modern cheminformatics... TTT :(

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