Sunday, December 05, 2010

Konqueror Web Shortcuts for CHEMINF

In 2004 I wrote up a short CDK News article on how to set up Konqueror web shortcuts for the CDK (Windows users can download Konqueror here). They are very handy, and I just found another simple use case, and as I have not seen it get much attention recently, and it is a great productivity tool, here goes.

CHEMINF is an ontology under development by people at the EBI, Canada and Sweden, for cheminformatics. I was aggregation examples, and when you browse these, you immediately run into the problem that all OWL resources have rather cryptic names, like CHEMINF_000000. Of course, any decent OWL tool will just view the rdfs:label, but I and others prefer to work in plain text editors, rather than, for example, Protege.

Fortunately, the Michel and/or Leonid have made the CHEMINF ontology LinkedData, which is where the web shortcuts come in. So, CHEMINF_000000 has the URI For the RDF and ontology users, a web shortcut is just like defining a namespace (actually, a bit more general), so we will define cheminf:CHEMINF_000000. Actually, let's skip this step, and make use of web shortcuts fully, and define cheminf:000000. After all, a web shortcut is nothing more than an simple expansion.

Open Konqueror's Settings -> Configure Konqueror dialog, and select that Web Shortcuts page:

Click new New button on the right:

and fill out the dialog like this:

Now, I can open the cheminf:000000 URI in Konqueror and get the information about a CHEMINF resource:

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