Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My talk at Imperial College

Yesterday I was guest with Judy at the Department of Surgery & Cancer at Imperial College, where I presented the what I am working on. As I met up in a pub with Ron (my former PhD supervisor, who now works on metabolomics at the Istituto Agrario San Michele all'Adige in Italy) the night before, the presentation does share many slides from previous talks, but also adds a few new ones.

It was great talking to Judy about her PhD research on NMR in metabolomics, and Tim about further work in this research. I was interesting to learn that here too they have problems in metabolite identification quick like those when analyzing *C/MS data, and was really happy to hear he is in contact with Christoph about an Open repository for metabolomics data.

Another 'new' slide was one advertising the yesterday launched Open Research Computation which I'll blog about in more detail later today.


  1. Text and picture are really blurry on the slides...

  2. Yeah, I heard more people about that. I have had that before with SlideShare... need to try to remember how I fixed that last time... sorry for the inconvenience :(

  3. Hope you remeber soon, i checked this presentation several times but still not clear :(