Friday, January 14, 2011

#pmrhack and #pmrsymp (or: what to do the next days?)

The next few days there will be a disturbance of the force: #pmrhack and #pmrsymp. Because I have an important meeting early next week in my new position, I am unable to attend these events. The first is a symposium organize in honor of Peter Murray-Rust, called Visions of a Semantic Molecular Future Symposium, which attracts over 100 people! Maybe Open Source cheminformatics has taken off ;) (Or, maybe it's just people who love to see how it has not.)

The second event is the hackfest/unconference held this weekend. That will be at least as much fun as the symposium. Now, I have plenty of house cleaning to do of our old house (we just moved), but will try to virtually attend that as much as possible too. Mind you, I expect to use many of the technologies the Blue Obelisk develops in my new project.

Anyways, I really regret not being able to attend, and am happy that Noel (thanx!) has taken over advertising some of the Blue Obelisk projects I worked on: Bioclipse and the CDK. (It seems that Christoph will not be attending the meeting either...)

This afternoon the people in Peter's group are working out the technical details for live streaming of the event(s), and I am really looking forward to that! Good luck to all, and hope to see you the next days ;)

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