Monday, February 14, 2011

Things are looking blue... (for #bioclipse)

Last Friday a virus kicked in. Don't know whether flu or cold, but it had already ruined my 5-6 February weekend too. I need high fever to keep bed, otherwise I just can't. Worse, when having an elevated temperature, I cannot think clearly anymore, and I haven't been able to think clear since about last Wednesday, so I should have seen it coming. Nor can I think clear today, leading to incomprehensibly question on BioStar, and the general lack of progress in writing and other important things, like planning.

Instead, I procrastinate. This is not necessarily bad, because my favorite procrastination is open source cheminformatics. But, it's not very efficient for getting tenure. I wish I could procrastinate in writing review papers for Nature Foo.

However, it does contribute to the CDK and Bioclipse. And building on the seminal work by Arvid++ on setting up Hudson for Bioclipse (building on := stealing his scripts and configuration files), I applied the genetic algorithm-like approach well known in IT: change everything one by one, and keep the best solutions. And, to my excitement, things are now looking blue for Bioclipse :)

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