Monday, March 28, 2011

Google Summer of Code 2011: some cool ideas

The Google Summer of Code is a now yearly event where university students (including PhD students) can work on open source project, and get payed fairly well (mentors only get a T-shirt :). A few years ago I was mentor for the KDE project, supervising work on Strigi-Chemistry. Various open source science projects participate again this year (no, no chemistry projects, I'm afraid), but a few come close. Here are my tips of this year:


  1. Don't forget VTK which has a summer of code project specifically for chemistry visualization. That, plus volume rendering using WebGL which would be great for surface rendering in the browser.

  2. Oh, I missed that one! Thanx for the extra tip!

  3. Thanks Geoff - I was just about to point this out too. This is VTK's first year in Google Summer of Code, and I am hoping to see some great proposals from students!