Sunday, March 13, 2011

New CDK contributors

The new OpenBabel book acknowledges the contributors to the project (deduced from Jörg's thanx). My Groovy Cheminformatics book is about using the CDK, not about the project itself really, but shows many similarities to the OpenBabel book. Edition 1.3.8-0 of my book does not contain a list of contributors to the CDK library. This is being fixed now.

In one go I also updated the AUTHORS list distributed with the source code. The list of individuals who have contributed source code to the project has grown to 64! Here are a few of the new names:
  • Jonathan Alvarsson
  • Saravanaraj N Ayyampalayam
  • Stephan Beisken
  • Dmitry Katsubo
  • Jules Kerssemakers
  • Uli Köhler
  • Scooter Morris
  • Carl Mäsak
  • Peter Odéus
  • Julio Peironcely
  • Syed Asad Rahman
  • Andreas Truszkowski
  • Paul Turner

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