Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Open Standards (Or: "the long list of things that we weren’t required to do")

Hot on the heels of a presentation I give today in a ToxBank virtual meeting on (Open) Standards (I'll blog the points as soon as possible), I just ran into this great blog post by the makers of the OWL reasoner Pellet (license:GPL), which we use in Bioclipse. It is spot on on what happens if you use Open Standards: "That's notable not only because it took so little time, but also because of the long list of things that we weren’t required to do in order to make it happen". This is not a new message. For example, the Quixote project is doing the same thing in computation chemistry, but important for people to understand: Open Standards (quite like Open Source, and Open Data) are a game changer: they simply collaborating, speeding up development, and changing the way we do things.

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