Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to create a proportional Venn diagram?


Above is a typical Venn diagram. But I like mine so that the area of the circles reflect the number of object in that circle (or logarithm thereof), and the areas of the overlaps to be proportional to the number of objects in that overlap. Is there an 'arp' for that? (I know that "there is an app for this" it trademarketed... 'arp', instead, is short for R package).

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  1. If you only need it once, you could use , if not I'm afraid you will have to write it yourself.

  2. Related R package, although I am not sure how well the area-proportionality is taken care of:

    There there is Java code which directly addresses the area-proportionality issue:

  3. The R package Juuso refers to, makes nice diagrams but not scaled 3-venn diagrams. It would be cool if the developers of the package would implement an approximate solution to have scaled 3-venn diagrams drawn, as I guess biovenn and this applet do (

  4. Rajarshi wrote on FriendFeed [0]:

    "Google to the rescue!!!!"

    And someone asked the same question on BioStar [1] with pointer to Google Charts: