Friday, June 10, 2011

Assessed if I could recommend the Mendeley plugin for OpenOffice

Our institute started using a Mendeley group for its publications recently. And a lot of my colleagues are using Word and EndNote. I use neither. My personal workflow includes LaTeX, BibTeX, and since recently BibLaTeX, and CiteULike (all content mirrored to Mendeley). And recent talk by Benjamin, I decided to give the Mendeley plugin for OpenOffice a go (in LibreOffice, in fact). It does what it needs to do. I am not sure yet how to customize the display (the equivalent of, for example, unsrt), but not so worried about that personally. This screenshot shows what my test looked like.

Update: Steve explained in the comments that picking the right CSL style does the job. The list of additions shows a download for BMC Bioinformatics which will also work for other BMC journals like the J. Cheminformatics, I assume. The result after making that CSL the default:


  1. Hi Egon, thanks for the review!

    I'm one the devs working on the OpenOffice plugin at Mendeley.

    You can have an un-sorted bibliography by choosing an appropriate citation style, e.g. IEEE.

    Or, you can edit the citation styles as explained in my blog post: This is not at all user friendly at the moment though, and we will work on a better workflow for style editing in future.

  2. Hi Steve, thanx for getting back to me on this! I picked the BMC Bioinformatics style sheet (after downloading it) and that did the job. The LibreOffice plugin had a bit of struggle ending the dialog, crashes with a stacktrace, but the result looked fine! :)