Saturday, June 11, 2011

CDK 1.3.11: the changes, the authors, and the reviewers

    Hej, wait you sneaky bastard! You just released 1.3.10! You can overdo release often too, you know!
Release 1.3.11 is special. It contains a long list of more than 150 patches, introducing the renderbasic module of the CDK-JChemPaint patch. This new module has an implementation for rendering molecules. Nothing more, nothing less. The JChemPaint applet is based on this code base, an I blogged earlier a few code snippets:
IMPORTANT! While important functionality got included, not everything is there yet. In particular, for Swing/AWT support, we still need to include the renderawt module. That one too, needs some further work. It misses a few unit tests, needs a bit more JavaDoc, and bits of code clean up. In short, not all functionality you can use yet with purely CDK 1.3.11. I should have communicated that more clearly. My apologies.

The Authors
This is the result of hard work from Niels Out, Stefan Kuhn, Arvid Berg, Mark Rijnbeek, Gilleain Torrance and me (and as such, a joint project between the groups in Uppsala, at the EBI, and myself). There are also occasional constributions by others that are not to be forgotten!

The Reviewer
Many thanx to Rajarshi for reviewing the patch, giving good comments, and approving it in the end, despite a few remaining shortcomings. (Bug reports welcome! :)

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