Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cb: Meet the new Doctor

The last year and a half have been very demanding for me and my family. Many chances, many things left behind (like having moose - älg in Sweden, eland in Dutch, and also called the eurasian elk - in your garden with apple trees; or more than 250 cranes in the fields around your house), and ultimately deciding to go back to the Netherlands (plans are barely unfolding). (Oh, those mooses just love 'apples on the rocks').

Dr Who
Another thing I (already) left behind, is Chemical blogspace. I have done this with a lot of pleasure for several years, and still use it actively to get notified about interesting papers (see this post). Peter Maas, a cheminformatician working with Specs in the Netherlands, is the new Dr. Who of Cb, donating free hours to the Cb website!. The website has been updated:

Many thanx to Peter to take over this project! The system still needs a lot of updating, robustifying, etc, so please talk to Peter if you have patches to contribute. New blogs, problems, etc are to be send to him too. Please spread the news.

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