Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Going to Maastricht to work on Open PHACTS

Some two months ago we decided to go back to the Netherlands, after having lived for more than three years here in Sweden. We have had a great time in our three houses, but feel a need to settle down, closer to family.

A week later I was contacted by Chris Evelo contacted me for a position to work on Open PHACTS. Chris and I only met for the first time in March, when I visited the group when I had a conference in Maastricht. His bioinformatics group is very much into Open Science and with a good track record in metabolism and transcriptomics analyses (something we do here at KI too), and Open PHACTS is an interesting EU project into the application of semantic web technologies to the life sciences, something I have worked a lot on in the past two years.

In the next two months here at KI, I'll be working hard on finishing my work for the other great EU project, ToxBank, on which I am working now. I personally see clearly how these projects complement each other, but no clue if such can be given shape at a EU level, where there is intention and consortium agreements :)

And, of course, I got a bit of funding rewarded here at KI, that I will use next year for two or three visits back to Stockholm, because there is some low-hanging fruit that remains to be picked.

All in all, I am very much looking forward to my next post-doc position and definitely my last. What's after that, I won't have to care about in at least the next two years :)

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